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Juan Lucas Rosas, MD


Associate Partner & Medical Consultant



-  Doctor of Medicine and Fellow in Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

-  Extensive clinical practice and Medical Educator for the last 20 years and Chief Medical

   Officer of one of the top hospitals in the Philippines for 6 years

-  Currently Quality Assurance Director of an international hospital in Ho Chi Minh/Vietnam

-  Extensive professional experience in

   -  Quality Improvement and international quality accreditation process

   -  Business and service development in Healthcare

   -  Research and Training

-  Medical Manpower Recruitment

-  Speaker and Participant in numerous professional workshops and conferences

Dr. Juan Lucas Rosas is a practicing doctor of medicine, specialized in ENT. For 6 years he gained extensive professional experience as Chief Medical Officer in one of the best private hospitals in the Philippines. With the focus on patient safety, he was instrumental in the implementation of higher-level quality standards and quality improvements. These quality improvements eventually led to the successful accreditation of the hospital by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Dr. Rosas was essential in the annual strategic planning process and eventually in the implementation of the strategies that were approved by the Board. He got very much involved in the budgeting process in which he successfully involved and integrated the heads of the numerous medical departments.

Based on his experience in quality improvement and the international quality accreditation process, he was recruited by an international hospital in Vietnam to assume the position as Quality Assurance Director. 

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