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Our consultants have extensive international professional experience in the areas of: 

-  Management and Business Consulting -  more details

-  Financial Planning and Controlling  -  more details 

-  Management and Cost Accounting -  more details

-  Budgeting and Rolling Forecast -  more details 

-  Shared Services -  more details

-  Logistics and distribution for FMCGs and pharmaceutical

   products -  more details

-  Hospital management, including international quality accreditation

  process -  more details 

In the areas of planning, business and corporate tax consulting, we advise you expertly, professionally and effectively in:

-  setting up a business unit in Hong Kong, China and/or

   Singapore -  more details

-  strategic planning and business plans -  more details

-  financial planning and financial restructuring -  more details 

-  corporate tax planning in the regional and international context with

   corresponding tax optimization -  more details


As consultants, it is our job to generate the relevant, strategic advantage for your company in a professional way that will allow you to reach your goals. And so we make it our duty to:

-  supply you with complete, accurate, and timely available (financial)

   information and data that will serve as the basis for an "intelligent"

   decision-making process; 

-  reach the end point of a project through clear allocation of responsibility;

-  improve the internal efficiency through improvement of internal processes; and

-  increase profitability through targeted cost management and cost control.

Our Consulting Services

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