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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

Manche Leute träumen vom Erfolg. Wir machen es möglich.



You want to bring your products and/or ser- vices to new markets in Asia? As your partner  we can help you to identify, evaluate and start commercial activities in a professional and cost-effective way. With our bridgehead function, you will not only reduce the risks of failure, but also limit your financial exposure



Our services provide you with the basis to commence activities, step-by-step, in many different markets in Asia at your own pace. In addition to the evaluation of the market potential for your products, we also provide solutions and support services that will allow you to grow your business and to maximize your bottom line.



For your easy access to relevant information of the Asian markets and economic situation in this growing economic power zone, we issue a newsletter on a quarterly basis. This newsletter can keep you updated with changes (e.g. new corporate tax rules) that might be important to your business.


Together with you, we can bring your business to the fastest growing market in the world - Asia.  


The rapidly developing countries in Asia - Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar) - as well as the so called "newly industrialized" countries - China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia - are poised to have huge economic growth potential now and in the future. The continuously developing middle class in the Asian population is expected to boost demand of everyday consumer products and luxury goods. According to an OECD report in 2009, Asia counted some 525 million people in the economical middle class. The IEMS estimates that by 2020 approximately 1.74 billion and by 2030 around 3.2 billion people in Asia will be considered living in the economical middle class. This massive growth in this population segment will lead to a greatly increased demand of consumer and luxury goods in the coming years. 

Sequoia Consulting Services has teamed up with Axxis Consulting, Singapore's leading SAP solutions providers and digital transformation experts. Axxis Consulting is an SAP Gold Partner. 

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